Good morning and happy Monday! The weather is going to take a turn for the worse this evening, so make the most of this sunny Monday before heavy rain hits NYC for a couple of days.

The family of Food Emporium employee Maria Sanchez, who was killed in a horrific elevator accident while working in the store, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against building owners Manhattan Plaza and the elevator companies in charge of the faulty machinery. Read more…

Hell's Kitchen Food Emporium Death Maria Sanchez

Stressed by holiday hustle and bustle? There’s still time to unwind and de-Scrooge-ify yourself by taking a tour of New York’s best seasonal lights, now on charming display around Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown at large. Read more…

Holiday lights W51st Street

What we’ve been reading

“Enough. If there is no contract by Dec 8, we are walking out.” — says NY Times newsroom. (New York Magazine)

There will be thousands fewer Airbnb listings next year. (New York Daily News)

The new Grand Central Madison train terminal is looking like an art gallery. (Untapped Cities)

What does your food delivery guy dream of? (West Side Rag)

RIP Silver Saunders Friedman, Hell’s Kitchen improv pioneer. (Deadline)

Freeze Frame

Pearls before swine

Thank you to all the readers who took the time to write in support of overturning the rejection of my US Visa application. Many of the letters moved me to tears… and as for the two marriage proposals received on Saturday!! I appreciate you all keeping my spirits up (especially Karen for sending the cartoon above). When I get back this is going to be the employee manual for a new salesperson!

Happy birthday to Judith Bailey, Gabi Young, Juan Rodriguez and Carol Young.