Good morning and happy Monday. Did you survive the sweaty weekend? Today is going to be more seasonal and a light wind is going to blow that humidity away.

While you may not see any sailors spontaneously breaking into song, you’re guaranteed to spot throngs of uniformed service members throughout Hell’s Kitchen as in-person Fleet Week returns to New York this week! Read more…

Sailors Intrepid Hell's Kitchen 2019


We don’t have a Jobs Board — but we are considering it. Many of our small business friends are struggling to find staff (and W42ST is on the lookout for some part-time appointments). Do you think we should advertise jobs here? Here are some examples for now…

AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE. W42ST is looking to recruit for this part-time role. Details here...

SALES SUPPORT ASSOCIATE. W42ST is recruiting for this part-time role. Details here…

PART-TIME BARTENDER. Scruffy Duffy’s on 10th Avenue is looking for bar staff. Send resume and availability to Pat Hughes at

New York’s theater has finally returned and there are so many plays and musicals to see — but how do you get the best deals on tickets?
Lifestyle Editor Sarah Beling has gathered together some great value tips for you. Read more…

Theater Box Office

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Freeze Frame

Thanks to Thomas Piercy for his picture of the dramatic sky that ended the weekend over Hell’s Kitchen. “This evening’s distraction. Bring it on,” he said on Instagram.

Happy Birthday to Tracy Atkinson.