Happy Friday. We saw people walking around in shorts yesterday as the temperatures soared. Don’t be fooled this morning though, it’s currently 43 degrees!

So what were the spectacular fireworks on the Hudson River for last night? 311 were filing illegal fireworks complaints, Hell’s Kitchen dogs were “freaking out”… and this morning it appears it was for a gala with Mayor Bill de Blasio as guest of honor! Back in June, the outgoing Mayor promised to crack down on ‘dangerous” and illegal fireworks! More here…

Meghan Picerno has been playing Christine in The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway’s longest-running show, since before COVID. Now, she’s back in the role, giving credit to the community of artists that made the revival of art, theater and music possible. Here’s here West Side Story… [and she has some great Hell’s Kitchen recommendations]


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Freeze Frame

Blue skies and blue stars — they change to every color of the rainbow as you watch — signal fall changing to the holiday season at The Shops at Columbus Circle.

Happy birthday to Cesar Razuri and Larry Burstein.