Good morning — and welcome to a hot and humid Thursday. The good news is that there’s no rain forecast, so a dry day at last!

However, if you are a fan of splashing about there’s a real treat in store for you. Fireboat John J Harvey is offering free trips on the river — and we know from our experience that it’s never a dry ride! More details here…

We are following up on yesterday’s “data dump” from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund that gave Hell’s Kitchen businesses $137 million.

Today, we’re reporting on how the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant is helping out our local theaters to the tune of $221 million — and how Speaker Corey Johnson’s discretionary funding for the west side in the New York City budget is benefiting theater and locals. All the details, line-by-line, here…


What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

We’re not wanting to end on a sour note… But have you checked out Citrovia lemons exhibition at Manhattan West Plaza on 9th Avenue and W33rd Street? It’s described as a sprawling, fantastical citrus garden (and free to enter). Thx Mickey for the tip and the picture!