Happy Wednesday. It’s only three more sleeps until the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival — and we are excited. Come and see us at the W42ST booth outside Amy’s Bread from 10-6 on Saturday or Sunday.

We are showcasing another discovery from the 1974 Ninth Avenue Festival Cookbook today. This time we are mixing up the rich Filipino culinary history of Hell’s Kitchen with a Shredded Beef recipe. Read more…

Shredded Beef recipe Ninth Avenue Festival Cookbook

“What If Buildings Could Feel?” New York is a city with real character, mythologized in countless novels, plays, movies, and songs. But while most characterizations focus on the city as a whole, one artist, Rombo, has imagined a world where New York’s most recognizable buildings are players in an urban drama. Read more…

Rombo Artist

What we’ve been reading

Serious questions raised about the financial viability of Penn Station development — taxpayers might have to foot the bill. (New York Times)

Electric bikes are transforming the streets of New York. (Bloomberg)

Theater slams breach of no-phone policy after nude photo of Jesse Williams circulates online. (Hollywood Reporter)

Medicine bags and art supplies hit the compactors as homeless New Yorkers struggle amid police sweeps. (The Guardian)

Have you ever seen a beaver in NYC? They are around… (Newsweek)

Freeze Frame

9th Ave Flat

There’s always something new to uncover on a short walk around Hell’s Kitchen. Yesterday we spotted a crow (or maybe a raven) on a bench on W57th Street, snapped the devilish gas prices on 11th Avenue (where they had all gone above 6-6-6) — and this picture above. Despite all our wanderings on 9th Avenue, we’d not previously looked up to see this very simple marketing message for apartments set in stone.

Happy birthday to Sandi Atkinson.