Good morning and happy Monday. Yes, it’s August already — and we’re starting the month with a cloudy day. Don’t worry, we’re back on track for summer tomorrow. Make the most of it, as we’re now heading rapidly towards fall!

Jeffrey Galaise knew something was wrong. “I had fatigue, achiness, low-grade fever, swollen glands, a headache, a little bit of a cough and an overall dizzy, lethargic feeling,” said the longtime Hell’s Kitchen resident, who was unsure if they were a cold, flu or monkeypox. Doctors and politicians agree that his journey to a monkeypox diagnosis and then treatment has been unnecessarily complicated. Read more…

Jeffrey Galaise with his Monkeypox lessions

On 10th Avenue, a wrap-around outdoor dining structure was demolished Sunday afternoon — revealing a much-loved Hell’s Kitchen mural by Selwyn Senatori. Read more…

Sesamo Outdoor Dining

What we’ve been reading

Support for housing plans in Hell’s Kitchen — “other New Yorkers deserve the same opportunities for secure housing that I have.” (amNY)

Richard Rosenthal, dog lawyer: “If I take a case, it’s about winning. I take it because I believe in it.” (New York Times)

WFH has eroded $58bn of value in New York real estate, according to a new report. (Axios)

Brooklyn’s tourist numbers are up — but Manhattan’s still lag. (Patch)

The David Bowie World Fan Convention is coming to Terminal 5 next year. (Icon vs Icon)

Freeze Frame

Circle Line Pup Cruise ZZ_PUP

The Circle Line set sail on Saturday for its inaugural Pawsitively Perfect Pup Cruise with a deck packed with Hell’s Kitchen hounds. Check out our readers’ gallery of pictures…

Happy weekend birthdays to Chris Welty and Gill Whalley.