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Good morning and happy Thursday. The rains have stopped overnight (no show from the snow!) — but prepare for strong winds throughout the day. While that app on your phone might say it’s going to be low 40s outside, it might well feel like it’s in the 20s as a 40mph gust hits you!

Times Square officials have installed a series of “blunt” signs reminding newly relaxed weed lovers that all smoking, including cannabis, is banned from the public plaza. Read more…

Blunt Times Square Smoking Sign


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Vivvi provides exceptional early education for children ages 0-5, with unrivaled flexibility and leading health and safety for today’s families. Our inquiry-based curriculum is facilitated by warm, experienced teachers who foster the joy of learning. Sign up for Open House…

Move over Fido and Lassie, there are new dog names in town! A Reddit user has compiled data on New York’s most popular dog names in each borough, but what are the winners in Hell’s Kitchen? Read more…

New York City Dog Names by Borough

What we’ve been reading

Grand Central Madison is here — “60 years in the making, 14 years late, $7.5 billion over budget, and a curse on the agency that built it.” (VICE)

Looking good! The staff at the Empire State Building have been given a smart new makeover. (New York Times)

Sanitation boss talks rats, composting and trash. (Commercial Observer)

Today marks its 35th anniversary on Broadway — and Phantom has just welcomed its 20 millionth audience member! (Broadway Buzz)

Theater Camp reviewed — “You need to know that only 3% of people make it. The rest of them end up in a mental facility or on a go-go box in Hell’s Kitchen.” (Variety)

Freeze Frame

Mohamed Ali West Market

Thanks to Brianne Demmler for tipping us off about West Market (693 10th Avenue bw W47/W48th Street). She said: “It’s really fantastic! Fresh fruit, meat, veggies and then a great dairy area with awesome cheeses and a ton of different dairy and nut milk. All organic healthy food! You should let people in the hood know about it! It looks like a deli from the front, but it is like a small Westerly! Just want people to know about it, so it does well and remains here!” Welcome to manager Mohamed Ali! Head over, and snag a snack for us!

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