Good morning and happy Friday. It’s going to be crisp and clear today. Don’t be fooled by the sunshine though — with the windchill it’s going to feel freezing throughout the day. Wrap up…

Loyal viewers lined the streets to snag a ticket and there were surprise celebrity dial-ins Thursday evening as Hell’s Kitchen threw a farewell party for host Trevor Noah’s last taping of The Daily Show. The comedian stunned viewers in September when he announced he was stepping down, and he said his goodbyes at the 11th Avenue studio last night. Read more…

As they launched an employee walkout yesterday, the New York Times Guild beseeched readers not to cross the digital picket strike, even for their favorite puzzle. Read more…

New York Times Guild strike

As other cities experiment with fare-free transit, some MTA board members are calling on elected officials to come up with new funding sources that would allow the financially strapped agency to let New Yorkers ride buses for free. Read more…

MTA Bus Hell's Kitchen

What we’ve been reading

A New York paramedic shares his view of the mental health crisis in the city. (New York Times)

Housing Works and the Doe Fund are breaking into the cannabis industry. (City Limits)

The inside story of New York’s Christmas tree trade. (Curbed)

Popular firms like Bungalow and Common rent out units with several roommates even though NYC — legally — doesn’t allow more than three. (Bloomberg)

The Music Man’s red buckets runneth over… (Broadway News)

Freeze Frame

Phil O'Brien W42ST

Katie Honan at THE CITY has written about my rejected visa application. Thank you to all the readers who sent in letters of support. We asked for a Supervisory Review on Tuesday and hope to have an answer early next week.

Happy birthday to Buzzy Uncle, Yvonne Edwardsen and Tom Blackie.