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Happy Monday. The weather forecast today is pretty much — “anything can happen”. We’ve got humidity, heat in the high 70s along with the chance of showers and storms! Be prepared…

As new Hell’s Kitchen Mediterranean eatery Molyvos prepares to welcome customers this fall, operators from the Livanos family plan to close their other West Side spot, Hudson West. Read more…

Hudson West Sunset


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Hell’s Kitchen has the lowest car ownership in New York (and probably America) — but hosts the Lincoln Tunnel and the city’s car dealerships. With the planned congestion charges, drivers could soon pay $23 to drive in Manhattan. Some local activists say the vehicles on our streets are “unhealthy traffic” and “traffic violence”. Others say that it seems grossly unfair that residents cannot avoid this new toll/tax, while neighbors who live just a few blocks uptown can. What do you think? Take part in our survey…

What we’ve been reading

Taking it to the streets. A one-man campaign against scooters and mopeds using bike paths. (The Village Sun)

Are you missing your work friends? WFH means we don’t have as many of them. (WSJ)

Eight passengers were rescued from a yacht on fire Saturday afternoon on the Hudson River. (NBC)

A broker fee of $20k for a New York one-bedroom rental… is that a record? (New York Post)

Wondering what to read next? Check out these fun flowcharts from a Wisconsin bookseller. (New York Times)

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North River Lobster Company

Thanks to Lena Grotticelli for tipping us off that the North River Lobster Company now sails to the Statue of Liberty on its last trip of the day. Take the 7pm cruise and you get a 2-hour trip for your $25 ticket.

Happy birthday to Jeff Gebott and Casey Kochmer.