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The patron saint of W47th and 9th has been unceremoniously deposed — street artist Captain Eyeliner’s popular portrait of Dolly Parton was painted over this week, leaving the neighborhood without one of its most beloved Instagram moments. City Council member Erik Bottcher joined residents in mourning the loss, remarking — “It’s infuriating to see beloved street murals destroyed by vandalism. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen an explosion of vandalism, and it needs to stop. Graffiti hurts our small businesses and brings down the quality of life in our neighborhoods. One of my goals as a Council Member is to facilitate the creation of more street art like the Dolly mural. More Dolly, less graffiti!” Details here…

The legendary Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan has witnessed key events in American history over its 97-year existence. But now there’s a debate boiling about whether the hotel, which closed for business in 2020, should be designated as a landmark. Read more…


Pretty cold today in Hell’s Kitchen. Get a hot soup! The soups ‘Fresh from Hell’ are made with certified organic ingredients, and are super healthy. Try our Butternut Squash Soup today, and stay warm!

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Freeze Frame

When you wander towards Times Square — in this case on 8th Avenue and W42nd Street — it’s amusing when you see the conflicting/complementary marketing messages above your head.

Happy Birthday to Andrew Yang, Tom D’Angora, Joseph Linksman and Amanda Stevens