Happy Friday. Today we’re starting with rain, and we’ll end with freezing rain. However, it’s looking like a sunny (but cold) weekend ahead. Yayyy!

The reign of Charlamagne Tha God looking over 11th Avenue has been short. His first series ended — and his set was moved out of the former Daily Show studios this week. Who’s up next for that premium studio (and billboard position)? Read more…

The guys from SNL bought a ferry (did you hear?)! It’s a HUGE ferry…
The Hudson River Park Trust (HRPK) is renovating a pier. It’s a HUGE pier…
The new pier is being reconstructed with a space for a historic ship.
Is it a match?

What we’ve been reading

New York sewage is providing a coronavirus mystery tale. (New York Times)

Nicki Minaj passed on this penthouse at Hudson Yards — but it could be yours for $70k per month. (New York Post)

More pol maps this week — and this one “unifies” Hell’s Kitchen. (Patch)

Vegan Fridays are coming to a school near you. (Eyewitness News)

If you can’t go curling at Bryant Park, there’s another midtown spot opened up. (TimeOut)

Freeze Frame

Thank you to Peter Shankman for taking this video early this morning. “Hey guys… Ever see a city just disappear? I just took a time lapse of the fog rolling in over Hell’s Kitchen — unreal. Like out of a movie. Watch the city just evaporate,” he said on Twitter.

Happy birthday to Anne Davis.