Happy Monday. Sunday brought us some lovely pictures of snow-covered trees. Luckily none of it stuck to the sidewalk, so today’s just about keeping warm as temperatures will not go much above the mid-twenties.

Beneath our feet, there’s no shortage of warmth. New York manhole fires and explosions have caused significant property damage, building evacuations, power outages and traffic disruptions over the past decade. They have also led to dozens of injuries — and even death. Since 2020, they’ve doubled! Read more…

In a city where New Yorkers argue with each other over nearly everything, there’s one thing (almost) everyone can agree on — Hell’s Kitchen needs a Trader Joe’s. Ahead of today’s press conference — where Council Member Erik Bottcher and neighborhood organizers will ask Trader Joe’s to “be their Valentine” and open a local branch — hundreds of W42ST readers told us what they thought (and where they shop now). Read more…

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

We popped by the new Copacabana at W51st Street on Saturday evening and spotted 91-year-old John Juliano watching from the side of the dance floor. For over 45 years, he’s been a New York nightclub owner. Hit reply if you have memories of places like the Red Parrot and Emerald City on W57th Street. We feel a nostalgic article coming on…

Happy birthday to Cindy Lai and Alice Hage.