Happy Friday. Looks like we are going to be having a refreshing break from the heat and humidity this weekend.

I love the serendipity of chance meetings. Yesterday lunchtime, I was taking a break in Hell’s Kitchen Park in between meetings when I was approached by a lady canvassing for the June primaries. She asked if I was eligible to vote (which I am not) — but we struck up a conversation. We’d lived in the same building for many years, we have mutual friends, she’s been a huge fan of the print magazine — but never met. It was Evelyn Yang.

On my way to happy hour drinks with friends, I came across a huge crowd outside the CBS Broadcast Center on W57th Street (a block from my home). It was the location for last night’s NYC mayoral debate. I went to take some pictures — and who should walk towards me but Evelyn, who gave me the biggest smile and a friendly wave. Her husband, Andrew, was bemused at who I was… I now have one of the few pictures of him not smiling! We’ve still not properly met!

Salute the sun and find peace in the heart of the Crossroads of the World on June 20 when Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga returns with in person classes. Details here…

After a long year of curfews and closures, officials are looking for new ways to wake up the city that never sleeps. In their first-ever report released last week, the Office of Nightlife (ONL), outlined a series of recommendations for the city — including the creation of a nightlife museum.

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Freeze Frame

Chatting with Evelyn about the print magazine made me reminisce about our Wagging Tales feature. So here’s Daphne the Greyhound at Pier 84 for today’s Freeze Frame. With all those pandemic pups, should we bring this feature back for the daily newsletter?