Good morning and happy Thursday. It’s the final day of our heatwave — and it’s a scorcher. It will be 90 degrees by 11am and SWEATY! However, we’ll drop into the 80s tomorrow, and this could be the hottest it gets until 2024. Enjoy, keep cool, blah…

Comedian Colin Quinn brought his Block by Block YouTube series to Hell’s Kitchen and walked the streets with his old friend Mickey Spillane. Here are some highlights of Spillane’s memories of the neighborhood — and his battle with wrestler André the Giant. Read more…

Mickey Spillane Colin Quinn



Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors is a high-octane, low-down, hilarious reimagining of the gothic classic. With fangs of fury and abs of steel, the stakes are high for Count D as he flees lady vampire hunter Jean Van Helsing and her motley entourage. If you’re a sucker for a bash brimming with bits, bites and bats, you can B Positive that this 90-minute, gender-bending, quick-change Stoker-joker is just your type. This Dracula has got the chops to make it on stage and leave audiences dying for more. He may not be the next Phantom, but he’s in the same vein. You can Count on it. draculacomedy.com

Madison Square Garden PAC has donated the maximum funds to 13 City Council candidates ahead of a crucial vote on the arena’s future and facial recognition tech. Read more…

MSG Basketball

What we’ve been reading

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New York’s a union town — and these are the people behind the power of labor. (City & State)

NYPD agrees to stop “kettling” protestors in new settlement. (Daily Beast)

Migrants continue to arrive at Port Authority Bus Terminal. (Gothamist)

Dan Doctoroff’s story through West Side development, Google and ALS. (New York Times💰)

If you’ve ever wondered about the resale price of a superyacht… (Auto Evolution)

Freeze Frame

Singo Pat Hughes Scruffy Duffy's

We couldn’t resist “live reporting” on Pat Hughes’s return after four years as Singo host at Scruffy Duffy’s on 10th Avenue last night. We insist there was no “shame” or conflict of interest in winning the first two rounds. “The first time we did Singo, there were only six people here — so this was a much better restart to Wednesdays,” Hughes said. “Suzy at the Pocket Bar will need to up her game to keep up with this.”

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