Good morning and happy Wednesday. The rain is about to go away for a couple of days (it’s back Friday though). Temperatures could get as high as 65 degrees early this afternoon, but will be at 32 degrees this time tomorrow morning.

Council member Gale Brewer is questioning the legality of 15-minute delivery app warehouses masquerading as storefronts throughout the city. Hell’s Kitchen deli owners are not happy either! Read more…

A Hell’s Kitchen pup is the latest victim of stray voltage — a phenomenon sending an electrical current through NYC sidewalks, endangering unsuspecting pet owners and their canine companions. Hudson was zapped with an electric shock next to a neighborhood dog run yesterday afternoon. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

It was just 98 years ago that the New York Times (purchaser of Wordle) thought such things a “sinful waste in the utterly futile finding of words.” (Nieman Lab)

Price transparency is taking a time to arrive at city hospitals. (Gothamist)

it pays to be careful if you’re looking for love in this hi-tech age… (Business Insider)

The Hudson Tunnel racks up over 40 days of delays for travelers each year. Take a look why… (The B1M)

At MSG, John Mayer went in search of a stand-in drummer — and found Questlove. (Vulture)

Freeze Frame

We just discovered a new Hell’s Kitchen Instagram account — @ps_yao_bakery — and it’s a delicious combination of beautiful homemade cakes and neighborhood views. What’s not to like about that!?

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