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As we barrel ahead towards the end of 2022, I’ve been thinking about our perception of time. My conclusion? It has irreversibly changed. Long days and weeks and months of quarantine were inescapably slow, only to be sped up at the thought of our multiple “lost” years. How long has it been since I’ve been to this coffee shop that used to be my go-to? Did I see that person in 2019 or 2009? How old am I? Jk, I am CONSTANTLY aware of my age and tell everyone else as well lol. 

In planning this week’s newsletter and pondering how days can feel long and weeks can feel short and years can bend and stretch and shape in ways that I’m still working through — I’ve decided to mix things up a bit. While I’ll still be including some items for this weekend and the week ahead — perfect for when you unexpectedly have a free night and want to disengage from your TV!! — I’ll also include a few items for the weeks/month ahead — perfect for when holiday gatherings and work and end-of-year appointments have you looking at your calendar in a cold sweat, with one night free three weeks from now. 

I hope this helps both your holiday scheduling and your mental peace, both of which I am still actively working on. 


❓Quick Question
Where’s the place you go to in the city where, no matter how long it’s been, it’s always the same (in the best way!!)?

👯‍♀️ grab ur leg warmers
Are you longing for the sweet synth sounds of Flashdance? Itching to tease your hair and perform the perfect marriage of aerobics and theatrical dance? Then come on down the limited-edition 80s Jazz Class at Steps on Broadway Saturday November 19, 26, and December 3! Taught by world-renowned choreographer Matthew Couvillon, the class is open to all who want to strut their stuff to classics like Fame in a joyful, supportive environment. As he says, “Jazz is for EVERYONE!” 

💃 i love the 90s
Speaking of pre-millennium nostalgia, head over to Slate nightclub in Chelsea for Factory | Refractory a multi-media, immersive performance experience from Eryc Taylor Dance celebrating the nightlife icons of the 1990s on Sunday November 20! 

🎭 forget your troubles
My old roommate Amelia and I used to spend many a Friday night belting out the legendary Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland duet Happy Days are Here Again/ Get Happy. While we are unfortunately currently not available for performances (please, stop calling, we beg you!), you can catch something similar at Barbra and Liza, LIVE! Monday November 21 at Chelsea Table and Stage. Steven Brinberg (Simply Barbra) joins forces with Rick Skye (Slice O’ Minnelli) to give Amelia and I a run for our money. 

🍁 it’s (sometimes) fall y’all! 
Despite the recent temperature swing between 70 and 40 degrees 👀, I think it is actually going to feel like fall this weekend. Celebrate sweater weather with the Fall Festival at Mathews-Palmer Playground Saturday November 19 where you can enjoy free food, totes (we love a tote here), apple cider and live music, donate your coat to the OneCoHK drive and learn more about local composting! 

🎭 the naughty list 
A tribute to the British holiday pantomimes of yore, West Side cabaret venue Don’t Tell Mama presents Peter Pan-sexual December 3 through December 12, where a bawdy, naughty Neverland crew takes on a trippy holiday in New York. NSFW!!! 

🍪 the nice list 
It’s officially not too early to start your holiday shopping — and one of my favorite places to go is the Bryant Park Holiday Market, open now through the end of the year. A perfect, budget-friendly gift for anyone on your list and a simultaneous way to contribute to this year’s holiday meal is by picking up New York Black and White cookies from Zaro’s, the family-run, Bronx bakery serving up the best version of the classic dessert. I recently got to connect with co-owner Brian Zaro and the team and try their new line of novelty flavor Black and White cookies and I legit ate them as my dinner for a week. Sorry, Mom. 

🎨 unique new york
If you’re struggling to find a unique gift for your hard-to-impress relative, why not stop by Hell’s Kitchen’s Fountain House Gallery and pick up a one-of-a-kind work of art at their Small Works: $100 and Under show, now open through December 28

🎶 music to warm the heart
Need some seasonal cheer? Be sure to stop by the Melodia Women’s Choir Concert this Sunday November 20 at the Holy Apostles church for their program A Winter’s Welcome featuring song and poetry perfect for closing our your weekend.

🍷 i’d like to propose a toast
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Yannick Benjamin and Heidi Turzyn at their brand-new West Side wine store Beaupierre, and it rocks! Check out their Thanksgiving wine tasting tonight from 5-8pm for ideas on what to bring to Turkey Day that isn’t a burnt pie!!! 

🇯🇵 cartoon network
A convention celebrating the best of Japanese animation and pop culture, make a stop at Anime NYC at Javits Center this weekend, November 18-20 — don’t forget to prep your best cosplay costume!!

Far Header

🎶 el combo del mundo
The kings of Puerto Rican salsa are coming to town! Don’t miss El Gran Combo at Lehman Center for the Performing Arts this Friday November 18, performing the greatest hits from the orchestra’s 60 years in the music industry. 

🎤 tell me a story
Shout out to reader Dani, who requested we look for venues where writers can workshop their stories for the artistic community. First up is Story Slam at The Moth Wednesday November 30, where you can enjoy (or share your own!!) stories around the evening’s (TBD!) theme. 

🎶 sugar, we’re going down
Head bang to the best of moody 2000s rock at Emo Night at Brooklyn Bowl Saturday November 19. Be sure to request The Middle by Jimmy Eat World for me!!

📚 like a prayer
Among the buildings in New York safe from becoming a Sweetgreen, the city’s churches and synagogues are some of the most beautiful historic structures in town (and don’t worry, I’m not trying to proselytize here — the only religion I’ll ever try to convert you to is ordering pizza on Sundays). Celebrate the best of the city’s spiritual architecture at the book release party for Divine New York by Michael L Horowitz and Elizabeth Anne Hartman at Rizzoli Books Monday November 30. 

🎤 log line appreciation alert!!!!
Come on down to Drunk Family Dinner at Union Hall Sunday November 20 for “a stand-up comedy show and trashy dinner party for degenerates, hosted by your divorced parents: Blair Dawson and Michael Hirsch. We’re the sleazy cousins circling the block to smoke weed before Thanksgiving Dinner. We’re drinking too much and divulging who in the family is a secret love child from a former marriage. We’re dumb as hell and drunk as shit.” 

🔥 Hot tip 
Even though I just said it finally feels like fall, I think we have a few more temperate evenings in us before the chill of True Winter sets in. Why not make the most of them and book a cocktail hour at La Barca Cantina, now offering free evening boarding passes through the end of the year. They have indoor and outdoor dining space, and whichever you choose, margaritas will warm you up. 

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you
Looking for funky furniture? There’s a Gramercy Hotel liquidation sale until they run out!

Dave Matthews Band plays Madison Square Garden tomorrow, November 18

LCD Soundsystem plays Brooklyn Steel this Friday November 19

There’s a Bronx Brewery arriving in Hudson Yards, and the opening party is tomorrow, November 18! 

That’s it for now! Call me beep me if you want to reach me! (

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