Good morning and welcome to a showery Thursday. Take an umbrella if you are heading out as there’s going to be on-off rain most of the day.

Hell’s Kitchen gift shop and W42ST reader favorite Delphinium Home is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month — and Broadway reopening nights are bringing a boost to business as congratulations cards fly off the shelves. Read more…

Israeli avante-garde cuisine and high-energy party time return to 10th Avenue in October as chef Eyal Shani opens the door again to HaSalon. In the New Yorker’s June 2019 review, they describe the restaurant’s location as “on a desolate corner in Hell’s Kitchen.” We wonder what they will make of it now being next to the boarded-up Skyline Hotel — which closed after being used as a temporary homeless hotel during the pandemic, and is facing an uncertain future. Read more…


What we’ve been reading

A safety swoop has stopped almost a third of work on Manhattan construction sites. (Brick Underground)

New York City has had a record number of mosquitoes this summer. (amNY)

It’s 14 years until no fossil-fueled car will be sold in New York. (Engadget)

The market is already getting crowded for the new 15-minute delivery services. (Crain’s)

Have you ever overshared on a date? Stop talking… (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

Happy birthday to Esther Mulligan. She’s 87 years young today and still teaching her water aerobics classes at Manhattan Plaza Health Club. We featured Esther in W42ST’s style issue in September 2016 — she has a fabulous story (and dress sense!).