Happy September and welcome to this wet Wednesday. It looks like it will get intense late this afternoon and through to tomorrow as the remnants of Ida head through. CBS are saying that it threatens a “once-in-a-century flood event” — so take some time to check and clear out your local storm drains.

After 9/11, a small band of gardeners started planting daffodils in public spaces as an act of healing and hope … 20 years on, more than 20 million blooms have stood as a testament to their faith. The very first planting happened in DeWitt Clinton Park, a site selected because families had come to the Family Assistance Center at Pier 94 in Hell’s Kitchen to gather and wait for information about their missing loved ones. More here…

For a city that considers itself the capital of nightlife, New York has held on to some unusually stringent laws around dancing — but that may soon change. Plans are underway to repeal the last remnants of the city’s antiquated Cabaret Law.

Jacqui Squatriglia, the owner of Flaming Saddles which is famed for its dancing bartenders, told us: “NYC is the most vibrant city in the world! It represents freedom… We all deserve the freedom to dance… To me, dance equals happiness — and that is what we need more of… Let us dance, let us be free, and let us be happy… All and everybody! 5, 6, 7 and 8!” More here…


Your last chance to dance to all the hits that shaped NYC club culture — Funk & Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, House, Latin + more, all spun on vinyl. Details here…

Summer is drawing to a close and Labor Day is the last chance for New Yorkers to sit out on The Green at Lincoln Center. “We hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine and open-air performances on The Green this summer at Restart Stages! If you haven’t stopped by yet, here’s your last chance before the installation is taken down,” organizers posted. More here…

What we’ve been reading

Starbucks’ “partners” in New York State are trying to form a union. (The Guardian)

Exhibits recognize the role of search and rescue dogs at 9/11. (New York Times)

COVID surge delays Google’s return to the office until 2022. (Crain’s)

Hell’s Kitchen’s Trash Queen gets the TV treatment. (NY1)

Will New York extend the evictions moratorium? We should know today… (Associated Press)

Freeze Frame

Welcome back to The Brazen Tavern on W44th Street between 9/10th Avenue. They reopened last night. “We’re ready for you! Our kitchen is not yet open — we’re working out the kinks on a menu that brings back old favorites and introduces new delights, but we’d love to get you a drink,” they said. The bar is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 4pm to 2am. Sláinte!

Happy birthday to Kristen Jongen, Marie Gabrielle and AC Berg.