Good morning. I’ve been out to check the streets this morning — and I am reporting that it’s pretty impassable without a good pair of wellies and some nimble footwork.

Here are the photos to prove it. There’s never been a better day to WFH!

Shkumbin ‘Bini’ Mustafa came to New York in 1999, as an ethnic Albanian Muslim refugee from Kosovo. He had heard from a friend that the United States would allow in 20,000 immigrants seeking escape from war-torn Yugoslavia. “So I said, you know what? I always wanted to come to New York. I can’t go back home — I’ll just come in and try to see if I can make a better life,” said Bini. “I packed my small bag with a tennis racquet, a pair of jeans and 2 T-shirts. Hey, I’m going to New York.”

Bini ended up making his new life in Hell’s Kitchen. He’s connected with the community through a combination of tennis, his family, his love of the Olympic team sport Handball — which he describes as “either water polo without water, lacrosse without the sticks, or soccer with your hands” — and his branding agency, 47AND10. Here’s his West Side Story

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Freeze Frame

Anyone who has driven (or owns) a car in New York City knows that there is little beauty in parking! Kelly McCann managed to give NYC parking a touch of romance yesterday. Great shot 📸