Good morning and happy Memorial Day weekend. It was supposed to be Manhattanhenge too — but the rain has put a stop to that. We hope you find ways to dodge the rain and have fun!

Ten days ago we asked “Where’s Corey”, in an appeal for our council member, Corey Johnson, to help Hell’s Kitchen in the public safety crisis it faces. This week, the phone has been ringing off the hook with sightings of Corey in the neighborhood. He’s been on the beat, wearing down shoe leather, listening to people — and all without the usual political paraphernalia of photo calls, press conferences and social media. It feels positive.

We’ve asked Corey to share with readers a summary of what he’s heard are the key issues — and the actions he’s taken, actions he’s planning to take … and the things that will take time to solve. We will be back to you with this next week.

Here’s what’s been happening in Hell’s Kitchen in the paast 7 days.

We’re keeping an eye on Pier 76. The sign is up and the New York State Excelsior Seal is in place. The opening should be next week — but with this weather they might wish they’d left the roof on! Thanks to Renee Lutz Stanley for the photo.

Taboon is closed following a fire that broke out in the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant just after midnight on May 16. Though everyone in the building remained safe, several tenants have been displaced by the blaze and suffered the loss of nearly all their belongings. Read more…

In less than 30 minutes, public safety issues in Hell’s Kitchen were starkly laid out by neighbors in fear. One small theater owner asked, “how many people need to be hurt before something’s done about this?” A woman told of an assault on her husband, a doctor, on his way home from work: “My husband’s face was broken. He was already a traumatic brain injury survivor.” Read our report…

Check out the rehearsals in Times Square for the Broadway Bares virtual show — airing June 20. Thanks to TKTS for their red steps and Instagram post!

The Vessel reopens this weekend, with one of the suicide prevention measures being to bar people from visiting alone! The 150-foot sculpture at Hudson Yards was closed in January after the third suicide in less than a year. More here…

Just weeks after relocating his Hell’s Kitchen outpost to the Lower East Side, Clark Chung’s November 19 storefront suffered a devastating setback when a car crashed into it on Monday. More here…

We bid farewell to the Time Warner Center — and say Hallo Deutsche Bank Center. Did you spot the name change?

Did you see artist Demit Omphroy working on bringing his “inner child” to W42nd Street at the former Rustic Table restaurant? He’s part of HYHK Alliance’s Artscape Revival project — a storefront beautification program that partners with property owners and artists.

Demit works with simplified lines and primary colors and is “fascinated by the concept of eternal youth living inside of everyone. He believes as people get older, it is imperative to maintain and nurture that inner child — free to make mistakes, free to create without bounds.”

The photo below is how it looked at 7pm on Wednesday night from Thomas Piercy’s perch above Hell’s Kitchen as a storm rolled in.

Down on the ground, we were finishing off our happy hour drinks at Ousia on W57th. The staff did a quick move from outdoor to indoor dining.

If you want to talk REAL weather, you need to go chat to Neil Hershman at 16 Handles in Times Square when he returns from conquering Everest. Yes, you read that right! Neil left the “Crossroads of the World” just 6 weeks ago and on Monday got to the “Top of the World”! Read and see more…

Start spreading the news — the second annual Songs for Our City songwriting competition is about to hit the streets of New York. And you can be a part of it — because audience members vote for their favorite performances on their mobile device at the end of each concert! Read and book your ticket…

We’re pleased to report that Christine Hammontree, who was reported missing this week, was found safe in a Queens hostel yesterday.

Are you ready to get into a bidding war for this neighborhood duplex? Do I hear an opening bid of $3.3m? More on the auction…

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Thanks to Daphne McWilliams for reminding us that after the rain there is often a rainbow. Have a great weekend — and we will be back on Tuesday with our daily newsletter.