Happy Wednesday. We’ve got above-average temperatures for the rest of the week. The sun is out and we’re seeing strong signs that there is light at the end of New York’s pandemic tunnel.

Legendary New York nightclub Copacabana is back! It relaunches this Saturday in Hell’s Kitchen with a jubilant, carnival-themed jamboree at its new W51st Street location. Who could ask for more…?

The New York Times reported last night that Governor Kathy Hochul will drop New York’s stringent indoor mask mandate today. This will end a requirement that businesses ask customers for proof of full vaccination or require mask wearing at all times. It is unclear exactly how this will impact New York City, but it is believed mask restrictions on public transport will still apply.

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What we’ve been reading

Man arrested in New Jersey for Hell’s Kitchen nightclub killing. (New York Post)

New York’s community gardeners might have unearthed some legal protection. (Civil Eats)

Air quality in New York is getting better — but it’s still not very good. (Gothamist)

Co-op boards accused of discrimination and lack of transparency. (The Guardian)

Better news for Broadway as ticket sales rise. (Broadway News)

Freeze Frame

It might be sunny during the day, but it’s chilly at night. We spotted these folks gathered on W55th Street last night for a warming bowl of soup. Seinfeld fans will be familiar with this spot. The Soup Nazi episode was based on Al Yeganeh, the owner of Soup Kitchen. It’s fabled that any references to Seinfeld are forbidden in any Soup Kitchen. After the episode’s airing, cast members and writers from the show visited the restaurant and Yeganeh claimed that the show had ruined his life, yelling at them “No soup for you!” and throwing them out.