Good morning and happy Monday. What a wonderful weekend — it makes it harder to start the week. Good, but cloudy, weather today — but prepare for the city to boil as the week goes on. By Friday, we will be in the mid-90s, and the humidity will be horrid…

New York installed the first of 120 congestion charge cameras on Hell’s Kitchen’s border on Friday, marking the road to tolls from Spring 2024. Expect mixed reactions (please join in the comments on the story). Read more…

Congestion charge cameras installed at W61st Street and West End Avenue

Hell’s Kitchen has been a constant for Sean Coughlin since 2009, from his days waiting on tables at 44&X through his time working for Council Members Corey Johnson and Erik Bottcher. Sean shares his West Side Story…

Sean Coughlin in Hell's Kitchen

What we’ve been reading

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New York migrant intake centers say they are out of room to house asylum-seekers. (Bloomberg💰)

After a half-century of eccentricity, opulence and tragedy, Yoko Ono has moved out of the Dakota. (New York Times💰)

A decision will be made next month on the future of NYC’s outdoor dining. (Streetsblog)

We will be seeing more drones in the skies over New York. (Eyewitness News)

Start spreading the news… New York, New York will close next weekend. (Hollywood Reporter)

Freeze Frame

Sanitation Barbie

It was the weekend of Barbenheimer — and we took part by heading to watch Oppenheimer at Look Dine-in Cinema at W57th Street. There were lines in the lobby for a photo opportunity in the “Barbie Box” — but some folks couldn’t wait and took their Insta moment over the road to the Sanitation works. #trashbarbie

Happy birthday to Sarah Ann Rodgers.