Good morning. Did you see the spectacular Hudson River sunset last night? The west side truly is the best side!

There are even more opportunities to get out and about this spring. Governor Cuomo has set out plans to relax restrictions for movie theaters, museums and arenas. More details here…

Yesterday, we ran a story about The Village Voice returning in print. We discovered that many of our daily newsletter readers who have followed W42ST during the pandemic were not aware of our own print pedigree. If you want to find out more — you can leaf through our archive of over 60 issues here.

Here’s our April 2018 issue for your to peruse. A whole magazine themed around commuting to give you a flashback to those pre-WFH days!

What we’ve been reading

Oysters and seahorses are among the creatures living happily in the Hudson River. (NBC)

When will these grand and iconic New York restaurants reopen? We’re not sure! (New York Post)

Times Square businesses call for safety improvements as crime rises. (Crain’s)

How low rents could drive a “youth renaissance” in NYC. (Bisnow)

Hmmm. Can you be a bodega if you serve fancy ice cream?! The jury is out… (Twitter)

Freeze Frame

Thank you to Tom Fervoy for this 10th Avenue moment. So many questions spring to mind. Tom’s question: “Trash or treasure?”