Good morning! I finished watching the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” last night, and then tuned in to David Letterman’s new interview series which started with Kim Kardashian. We really are in a challenging world driven by clicks and likes.

Before I went to sleep, I took a quick check of the W42ST clicks and likes, of course! Our story on Timothée Chalamet being in line to vote with one of our readers, Henry Johnson, had 10 times as many views as our West Side Story profile of Chuck Gomez. Both have lived in Manhattan Plaza (Timothée as a child, Chuck now) but the draw of celebrity makes us click more. It’s a social dilemma. I’d recommend clicking on Chuck today and spreading his remarkable story to your friends.

We’re in for a rainy week, and much lower temperatures overnight. This is going to be a tough time for local businesses as they knuckle down to survive the winter. Please take a look again at our Hell’s Kitchen is OPEN! page and find some new places to try out this week. Let’s keep our neighborhood open…


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