Good morning. It looks like you’ll need to take an umbrella if you are heading out this afternoon. We should expect showers in the middle of April, I suppose

Thanks to Chris for the invitation to a sunset beer at the Classic Car Club at Pier 76. It was also a chance to get a view of how the demolition and transformation of the NYPD Tow Pound is coming along. While there, we found out that the Club was also under threat and as the bulldozers moved in, the car club filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a “defensive move” to preserve its space on the west side pier. Read more…

Tom D’Angora is a producer and activist. During the pandemic he and his husband, Michael, with the help of friend Tim Guinee, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to save places like the West Bank Cafe and Birdland. This weekend he is turning his fundraising and production skills to save the York Theatre (with the help of other friends like Hillary Clinton). Here’s why Tom’s NEVER leaving Hell’s Kitchen…

What we’ve been reading

From next week, New York can stay open ’til the midnight hour. (TimeOut)

Bryant Park is going live for summer. (New York Times)

Theatre Row rehearsal studios are coming back! (Twitter)

NYPD’s Robo dogs are being deployed more widely. (Gothamist)

NY Hotels are getting ready to welcome guests again. (Travel Weekly)

Freeze Frame

The train has arrived at W51st Street. Dolly Varden cocktail bar looks amazing with its new outdoor dining space. All aboard…