Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve. It was nice to wake up to a dusting of snow this morning. Thanks to Ramachetan for recording the flakes falling in Times Square early today.

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After a wild week of Omicron variant news, it sounds like we might all be spending a bit more time…indoors. But as much as there is deja vu in the air, we have learned enough not to entirely repeat March of 2020 — no more hoarding of toilet paper or Zoom happy hours, please! Here are some ideas if you are stuck inside…

As we say farewell to 2021, here’s our review of the year in the stories and pictures we’ve published. There’s not enough space to include everything, but we hope this gives the essence of what’s been happening in Hell’s Kitchen in the past 12 months. Here’s to a happy 2022! Read on…

Back in 2014, we spotted the Staten Island Ferry randomly sailing up the Hudson River. It turned out they were training crew. This week we heard reports of the distinctive orange ship being sighted in Florida. Here’s what’s happening…

What we’ve been reading

The Nutcracker adds to the list of shows paused by COVID. (NY1)

There’s a new plan for New York City’s 520 miles of shoreline. (City Limits)

Plans for a high rise on 11th Avenue have stalled. (Patch)

New Yorkers are looking to “cleanse the feeds” of TikTok influencers. (Gothamist)

These bonbons are rolling out the door at Columbus Circle Holiday Market. (Eyewitness News)

Freeze Frame

We’re forever curious — and we believe we keep a pretty close eye on the neighborhood. However, the other night we walked along a different side of the street and spotted these 692 timepieces suspended from a ceiling. Hit reply if you want to know where they are before the clock runs out on 2021 — or wait until 2022 when we’ll tell you all about them! Bonus points if you already know their location!

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