Good morning and happy Monday. Pat Kiernan at NY1 says “there’s more snow in the forecast for tonight than we’ve had all year” and PIX11 is asking the question: “Could NYC finally see several inches of snow this week?” With the temperatures not being way below freezing, my opinion is with this Redditor who said: “According to Betteridge’s law of headlines, the answer is NO.” Please send me your snow report (with pictures) this evening…

A recent apartment building fire in Hell’s Kitchen was determined not to be caused by controversial lithium-ion e-bike batteries — but the investigation and ensuing public outcry have cracked open a broader debate around the City’s accountability for tenant safety. Read more…

9th Avenue Hell's Kitchen Chop Shop Fire

Local elections are about to get underway in New York for 2023 — and the first step in the campaigning process involves a bit of paperwork. If you are asked for your signature for a petition, this is what you need to know…

Shaun Donovan Signatures Petition Vote New York

What we’ve been reading

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The future of outdoor dining in New York looks like being a seasonal affair. (Streetsblog)

How will New York handle a billion dollar weed mountain? (The Guardian)

Workers are choosing to go part-time to avoid burnout. (WSJ)

New York State tax figures show that 1,453 millionaire taxpayers moved away in 2021, while 80,000 remained. (New York Times💰)

Expect schedule changes — the full Long Island Rail Road service to Grand Central Madison begins today. (NY1)

Freeze Frame

Schatz VIA Helena W57th

Thank you to photographer Giles Ashford for sharing this photo of Schatzi at play on the rooftop of apartment building Helena (with VIA 57 rising behind). The mini Goldendoodle’s owners Kendra and Joel said on Instagram: “America’s Next Top Dog Model?” For more pics of this lively pooch follow @lotsofschatz

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