Happy Wednesday. The weather is definitely finally matching the month. Today will be one of the few days for the next few weeks that we’ll have a high above 50. Time to dispense with any summer clothing and gather those layers.

Warming news comes from W50th Street where our friends at Chez Napoleon finally got their gas turned back on after 11 months. They plan to reopen next month. Read more…

William Welles celebrates Chez Napoleon being cleared to reopen


Meanwhile, on W57th Street, a street sweeper ended up in the front window of Hudson Market after a collision with a Porsche. Read more…

The scene after a streetsweeper crashed into Hudson Market on W57th St

What we’ve been reading

As the city’s homeless crisis continues, there are now more unused supportive housing apartments than in March. (New York Times)

Grand Central Terminal has got its holiday market back. (Eyewitness News)

On any given weekday, just 47% of workers are in New York business districts. (THE CITY)

A cyclist took an illegal plastic cover off a license plate — and ended up in jail. (Hell Gate)

Ariana Grande’s brother was mugged on 8th Avenue earlier this month. (New York Post)

Freeze Frame

Somy Ericsson W42S Walkman Phone

We think this is the first iteration of W42ST digitally. Thanks to the Cellphone Museum for tagging us in this picture of the Sony Ericsson W42S Walkman, which was a pre-iPhone mobile in Japan in 2006.

Happy birthday to Holly-Anne Devlin and Sabrina Reveron.