Good morning and happy Friday! We’re waking up to freezing temperatures and blue skies. The sun will continue to shine all day, but only boost the temperature as far as 44 degrees. Wrap up and enjoy those rays.

The lights were bright and the mood was c’est magnifique once more as Elyane Bruno and son William Welles welcomed back old friends to Chez Napoleon for its first dinner service since a nightmare 11-month shutdown. Read more…

The staff at Chez Napoleon


HYHK Holiday Event

HYHK and Colored Colors are bringing back the holiday market to Bella Abzug Park with 50 different artists, makers, and small businesses for you to check out. Santa will be there on Saturday from 2:30pm-5:30pm — plus free hot chocolate and cookies — and tree lighting at 5pm Saturday. DJ both days. It’s free and open to the public. More details here…

As New York State’s weed legalization process moves slower than a stoner getting up off the couch, industry advocates warn that unlicensed producers will continue to hotbox the market with weakened and potentially contaminated weed. Read more…

weed joint smoke

What we’ve been reading

Civil liberty experts react to the Mayor’s plan to remove mentally ill people from New York’s streets. (Gothamist)

New York shares the honors with Singapore as the most expensive city in the world. (The Guardian)

Watch out rodents! Mayor Adams is hiring a “Rat Tzar” for New York City. (PIX11)

Whatever happened to New York’s Internet Master Plan? (Community Networks)

Tackling the challenges of having servants in 19th century New York City. (Ephemeral New York)

Freeze Frame

Mateo Captain Eyeliner Krampus

Thank you to Britta Hoskins Gonzalez for sending us this photo of her three-year-old son Mateo posing next to Captain Eyeliner’s new work on the corner of W47th Street and 9th Avenue. The Krampus “Child Care Services Available” artwork has replaced their previous work of Dolly and Betty.

In case you are thinking of using Krampus to look after your kid, Captain Eyeliner has shared a brief history. “If folk know him at all they know him as the anti-Santa Claus. Instead of giving good kids gifts he carries birch sticks to beat the bad ones. If they are extra snotty he puts them in his sack, takes them home, and eats their flesh. He’s half man half goat half demon. His myth was told in Alpine regions where it got dark early in the winter. I think he was an agent of good with a scary face,” they said.

Happy birthday to Paul Polivy.