Good morning and happy Tuesday. Just when we are soaking wet from a hot and humid 90-degree heat, we are likely to be hit by an afternoon thunderstorm that promises some heavy rain. We’d say “keep dry” — but there seems like absolutely no chance of that if you venture outdoors today!

Ahoy there, cheese lovers! A new family-owned Georgian fusion eatery, Cheeseboat is readying for opening on 9th Avenue where Uncle Nick’s Greek Cuisine used to be. Yesterday, we got to check out inside and meet mom and son. Read more…

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“There was a very emotional response to seeing perfectly good food in the garbage” — New York City organic food waste rules for business will be enforced again from the end of July. Read more…

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Freeze Frame

Justice for Julio Comic Strip Karanina

Every day we think about Julio Ramirez — and we continue to be frustrated at the lack of progress in the investigation of the death of the 25-year-old after leaving the Ritz Bar in Hell’s Kitchen back in April.

His friend, Karinina Quimpo, posted on Instagram: “I don’t have any updates about Julio’s case yet. In the last two weeks, I realized I’d been so busy the last two months getting the media to pay attention to Julio Ramirez, that I forgot to take time to process what I was really feeling. If I’m honest, that was probably intentional.”

“On Snapchat, I’ve noticed that all of my Bitmoji stories lately have been about Julio. I hadn’t been on Snapchat since college. These Bitmoji stories are fictional scenarios on Snapchat. This particular one feels like a real conversation Julio and I would have had. He was so funny, sarcastic, and the best kind of company. I miss my friend terribly,” she said.

We share the sentiments of what she said at the end of her post. “As we remain painfully patient, please don’t forget about Julio Ramirez. His case is still unsolved and ongoing. We still need answers. If anyone has any information, please come forward. Thank you for following his story. We will get Justice for Julio Ramirez 💛.” Please hit reply if you have ideas on how to move things forward on this…

Happy birthday to Danny Bristoll.