Happy Friday and welcome to July! It’s going to feel like summer today and that’s going to continue through the weekend. Expect to have to dodge thunder and rain on Saturday — but otherwise a fab July 4th holiday ahead.

Hell’s Kitchen may have some of New York’s highest gas prices but it now has the cheapest beer, as local watering hole Scruffy Duffy’s offers a gallon of beer for the price of a gallon of gas! Read more…

Scruffy Duffy's Gallon of Beer Promo

If today’s rent bill is on your mind, there’s some small comfort to be had — indications are that New York’s white-hot rental market may finally be cooling off… very slightly. But with some Hell’s Kitchen residents being priced out of the neighborhood, is it too little, too late? Read more…

Hell's Kitchen Apartments

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Freeze Frame

Thank you to Hell’s Kitchen resident and Broadway swing Kilty Reidy for sharing the story of the above artwork. “I have always been enamored with the art of James McMullan. In my early days catering at Lincoln Center, I would daydream about being in a play/musical at Lincoln Center Theater and being able to buy the original artwork of the show,” he said on Instagram.

When Reidy decided to buy a piece of art to celebrate his time with Come From Away, he said: “I thought I would dream big and look for a James McMullan original. I love his male figures but when Rehearsal Chairs popped up for sale I knew it was meant to be. Chairs?!”

Reidy says that he is now “honored to hang his beautiful work in my home.”

In 1990, McMullan used this image to create a sixty-foot mural on the 65th Street entry hall to the Vivian Beaumont and Mitzi Newhouse Theaters at Lincoln Center. McMullan’s illustrations have appeared in Esquire, Rolling Stone, Time and New York Magazine. Since 1986 he has been the lead designer and principal artist for the Lincoln Center Theaters and has created nearly one hundred of their iconic posters.

Happy birthday to Rob Bowman and Jim Henderson.

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