Are you chalking up the years? Yesterday, I spent some time reading about John Lennon. Tomorrow it will be 40 years since he was shot in front of his home. I can recommend this New York Post article on the last photo sessions before his death.

It, in turn, took me back to visiting my hometown, Liverpool, over a year ago. My school was in Woolton (where John Lennon grew up) and was next to the original Strawberry Fields.

We are always on the look out for people to feature in our West Side Stories. You can even submit your own here.

Steve Olsen from West Bank Cafe wrote to me saying “Please consider interviewing Karin Schall. She is the person chalking up Hell’s Kitchen sidewalks about voting. Karin has sent literally hundreds of postcards to politicians throughout the last 4 years holding them accountable for their actions and complimenting some for good behavior as well. Karin is our team captain for our annual Steve Olsen Run For Rogosin 5K since the very beginning. She volunteers for several not-for-profits including the 52nd. St. Project. I don’t believe anyone has ever covered Karin for her political and social activism and she is a great human interest story. There’s much more to this fine human being that should be told.”

So we did… read on!

What we’ve been reading

As if they haven’t got enough to contend with, more and more tipped workers are becoming the victims of sexual harassment. (Eater)

There’s a new ‘stay home’ advisory for older adults and people with underlying health conditions. (City Limits)

A view from the streets on the mayoral race. (Streetsblog)

Businesses are feeling the strain as foot traffic stays low. (The Real Deal)

From the turn of the year, a ride in an emergency ambulance is going to cost even more. (New York Post)


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