Good morning and happy Tuesday. It’s a toasty 35 degrees as we wake up this morning! We’ve got three sunny days ahead of us with afternoon temperatures nearing 50 degrees. Woot woot…

The man suspected of striking the 9th Avenue VERS bar repeatedly was caught on camera casually buying soda after the latest attack. Read more…

VERS attacker in bodega

It’s a “one-stop shop” at Hell’s Kitchen’s newest LGBTQIA+, literary-themed multiplex The Dickens — now open for dinner, drinks and dancing in the space previously occupied by Latitude Bar and Grill on 8th Avenue. Read more…

Hell's Kitchen's new bar The Dickens

What we’ve been reading

Broadway Boxing is back tonight after three years — this time at the Edison Ballroom. (New York Daily News)

The clock is ticking on Grand Central Madison opening by year end. (Newssday)

With NYPD patrolling subway stations, are MTA staff feeling safer? (THE CITY)

Protesters say the mayor’s proposed climate rule is “a get-out-of-jail-free card for landlords whose dirty buildings are polluting the city,” (Gothamist)

Have you spotted any prickly pears growing in NYC? Apparently, they are native cacti to the city. (Hell Gate)

Freeze Frame

Gwyneth Leech Art Port Authority

Thanks to Hell’s Kitchen artist Gwyneth Leech for sharing the New York adventure of getting her artwork from her studio on W39th Street around the corner to her new exhibition venue in Port Authority Bus Terminal! Thanks go to her husband, David Wilson, for “driving” the cart!

“I was really puzzled about how to manage the art transportation. A van or taxi wouldn’t help because it is such a short drive but then a long walk inside the terminal. I asked my Super if he had a dolly or bin with wheels. He let me borrow the big recycling bin, which was perfect!” she said on Instagram (check out the video). The show — “In the New Neighborhood” — is up now through January 25, 2023 in the display cases near 9th Avenue.

Happy birthday to Gary Su.