Happy Tuesday. We will get some late showers this evening, but most of the day is just cloudy and mid-60s. Enjoy…

Those bright green weed vans will be leaving Broadway and Times Square (on the back of a tow truck) in May — but the costumed characters are staying. Read more…

Weed Truck Music Man Broadway

Misplaced or covered-up license plates have allowed drivers to evade red light or speeding camera tickets 1.5 million times since the pandemic hit in March 2020 — and the problem was getting worse in recent months, records obtained by THE CITY show. Read more…

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The new Hard Rock Hotel includes a steakhouse and rooftop bar. (Eater)

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Would you like some cannabis with that dollar slice? (New York Post)

Good Cause Eviction — the complexity of the law for NY renters explained via dance, song and a wacky costume. (Jeff Seal)

Just another Saturday night on the New York subway… (Curbed)

Freeze Frame

Word Cloud New York Three Words

How do you find a word that means NYC? Local news outlet PIX11 sought to find out in a survey yesterday asking New Yorkers to describe Big Apple living in just three words. In the spirit of New York itself, responses were…varied across a spectrum of those who wanted to be buried under the Zabar’s deli aisle and those who may want to consider relocating to a remote cabin in the woods. But across the board, there was one word that almost everyone could agree on — “EXPENSIVE.” Read more and maybe add some ❤️ to the mix…

Happy birthday to Carla Duval and Mitchel Agoos.