Good morning and happy Tuesday. We’re going to have a light wind, a little humidity and a temperature just below 80 degrees. The sort of summer day we’ll be craving as the heat rises over the coming weeks. Enjoy… (and remember to vote, if you’ve not already!)

Many will recognize John Ajilo from your treks through the subway. His busking is entertaining and brings joy to many commuters. “If we’re so worried about safety — it is absurd and ridiculous that someone playing a saxophone with robotic cats is going to be arrested and that we’d use so many resources,” said fellow busker Sal Salomon after Ajilo’s arrest by six NYPD cops. Read more…

Dancing is Happiness NYPD

We’re turning the clocks back 120 years to remember when Hell’s Kitchen children played in an open-air public bathhouse at the end of W51st Street, docked by the Hudson and filled with river water. Read more…

Public Baths at W51st Street Hell's Kitchen

What we’ve been reading

Noncitizen voting in New York will not become legal next year. (New York Times)

“Clean Curbs” residential bins are coming to a Hell’s Kitchen street this fall. (Streetsblog)

So you don’t like the look of your neighbor’s dripping, unsecured AC, what can you do? (Brick Underground)

Those QR code menus look like they are here to stay. (Modern Restaurant Management)

Stylish subway signs that hark back to a forgotten age. (Ephemeral New York)

Freeze Frame

After dodging all those heavy rain showers yesterday, the finale to the day was pretty spectacular. “Sunset. Distractions. Colorful end of the long day,” said Thomas Piercy on Instagram.

Happy birthday to Aleta LaFargue.