Good morning and happy Wednesday. Cold and sunny again today — with a piercing wind taking the thermometer down even lower. Make the most of the bright skies as we’ve got two days of rain and cloud ahead.

While Old MacDonald had a farm, Hell’s Kitchen once had a slaughterhouse — and the sculptural remnants of the West Side’s butcher block past are to be memorialized in a new community garden created by the Clinton Housing Development Company. The more than 100-year-old limestone sculpture of a bull’s head has been carefully preserved and provides a link to a very different vision of Manhattan. Read more…

Shanti Nagel with cow head statue


The rats are going to hate this announcement — in conjunction with the city’s initiative to remove rodents and refuse from the streets, the Department of Sanitation has launched new, steel-enclosed containerized trash cans on one Hell’s Kitchen block in a test run for further implementation. On Tuesday, residents of W45th Street became the first in the city to put their trash in locked garbage cans instead of on the sidewalk. Read more…

Trash Containers in Hell's Kitchen

What we’ve been reading

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The MTA is considering a new device that can detect a certain unpleasant smell in subway station elevators. (Gothamist)

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Freeze Frame

Caroline Shaw Only Child Productions

Did you hear beautiful music wafting across Hell’s Kitchen this week? Award-winning musical maestro Caroline Shaw was out on her rooftop filming for an upcoming series on TV and film composers.

Happy birthday to Betsy Bober Polivy.