Happy Friday. We’ve got another day of above 80-degree afternoon weather before we head into a weekend of temperatures in the mid-70s with the chance of showers.

It’s a seamless bit of theater magic — in what seems like mere seconds after Broadway’s Tony Awards, signs outside each venue proudly proclaim each honor. That’s down to 60-year-old Hell’s Kitchen business Fine Art Imaging. Read more…

Fine Art Imaging

If the US Supreme Court allows more guns on NYC streets, will legally permitted guns be allowed on the subway? In Broadway theaters? On college campuses? What about Central Park and Times Square? Greg B Smith from THE CITY reports. Read more…

NYPD Guns Times Square

What we’ve been reading

The Manhattan median rent has climbed to $4,000. (Brick Underground)

Looks like Governor Hochul is steering congestion charges into the slow lane. (THE CITY)

The fight goes on to get rid of the outdoor dining sheds — or redesign them. (The Village Sun)

Hell’s Kitchen residents push back against an affordable housing project catering to survivors of HIV/AIDS. (Streetsblog)

Manhattan is coming back (we knew it would!) and the people are returning. (Bloomberg)

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Freeze Frame

Jennifer Lopez Shop Studios Hell's Kitchen

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we found that Jennifer Lopez was in Hell’s Kitchen this week. If you look out the window of this shoot you can see W42nd Street. The photos are taken in Shop Studios (a popular TV, movie and photoshoot location on W39th Street) as she promoted her documentary Halftime. “You never know where you’ll see me in NYC,” J.Lo said on her Instagram account.

P.S. We will have a report later this morning about that helicopter buzzing over Hell’s Kitchen last night. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Happy 100th birthday to Judy Garland.