Happy Tuesday. This Englishman in New York felt quite homesick yesterday. The Brits arrived in force — first waking up to Sam Smith in our Freeze Frame partying at Flaming Saddles, then photographing the Mayor of London in Times Square and later hearing that…

Profanity-laden culinary personality, chef, and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen fame will be arriving in Hell’s Kitchen later this year (well, a block over), opening a branch of his popular fish and chips franchise on Broadway. Read more…

Gordon Ramsay Times Square Fish and Chips

Not such good news for the French though… Beloved neighborhood eatery Chez Napoleon is still unable to open, over 10 weeks after our first report and 21 weeks in — stymied by a never-ending saga of New York City maintenance paperwork and approvals. Read more…

Chez Napoleon still closed in Hell's Kitchen

What we’ve been reading

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Clean Curbs pilots too small and unambitious to be scalable citywide, say advocates. (Streetsblog)

Freeze Frame

London Takeover Times Square Mayor Sadiq Khan with cast of SIX

The Brits took over the Crossroads of the World yesterday — but they came in peace to invite New Yorkers to visit London. Mayor Sadiq Khan was joined by cast members of SIX (just nominated for eight Tony awards) to attract American visitors back to London. Read more — and watch the video of their performance…

Happy birthday to Terri Mateer and Vinicius Ribeiro.