Good morning. Keep your eyes to the sky at 12:15pm today. Two F-18 jets will be heading down the Hudson River towards the Verrazzano Bridge at around 2,500 ft. No idea why…

Yesterday we asked about strange whistling noises. We had a few confirmations of the sounds, and I listened to a video that a reader had made. Further research shows that architectural noise is definitely a thing. Keep me updated if you hear the noise or have a theory where it’s coming from.

My question today. Did you see these flashing lights at 5:30am on the Hudson River? I’m fairly certain they were along Pier 88, the cruise terminal. But what are they?

I love it when readers ask questions. They often end up in a story!

Yesterday, we were asked on Instagram if we knew what was happening at the old Cadillac dealership on 11th Avenue, next door to American Retro. Well, we have the answer. Amazon has taken over the building for their “last mile” project, to keep their pledge for 24-hour delivery to Prime users. The scenes below will soon be a thing of the past. Read our story…

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Freeze Frame

Battling with an umbrella at Columbus Circle by Kelly McCann.