Happy Tuesday. Today’s about the warmest it will get for the next week. It’s going to pop over 40 degrees this afternoon. Make the most of it, as the windchill is back overnight and the rest of the week we will be watching the weather forecast for weekend snowstorms. Talking of weather…

On-air television meteorologist Bonnie Schneider is a familiar face on TV — and as a Hell’s Kitchen resident, you might have spotted her around the neighborhood too. While some of us were vegging around in sweatpants during the pandemic lockdown, she was writing a book, Taking the Heat — which focuses on climate change and its affects on our mental health and is out today. Here’s Bonnie’s West Side Story…

A new era for pre-train dining is on the horizon as Penn Station’s newest complex, the Moynihan Train Hall, plans to open a brand-new, upscale food hall in its state-of-the-art station. Hungry LIRR and Amtrak commuters longing for something other than Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, Chopt, and H&H Bagels will have to wait, however, as the majority of its planned food kiosks have yet to open. Details here…


Yes, at Fresh from Hell in Hell’s Kitchen we developed a special smoothie with edible collagen! The Collagen Glow™ smoothie features an amazing boost of collagen protein, so you can enjoy an incredible number of health benefits, including great-looking skin, while sipping on a delicious drink!

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

If you give a community of artists a half-inch of snow — you would expect them to be creative. This was the scene out of the window looking down at Manhattan Plaza’s play area yesterday morning. Thank you Bryan for the pic!

Happy birthday to Brianne Demmler.