There’s always something special about the places you celebrate your birthday. Yesterday, we told the story of Brendan Sokler taking home the third-floor bar of the Hourglass Tavern to his apartment. He’d celebrated his New York birthdays there.

One of my special occasion favorite treats was Hakkasan, which has sadly decided to permanently close. No more birthdays or Chinese New Year celebrations there for me.

The good news is that some places that shuttered are reopening. I had a wonderful dinner at West Side Steakhouse on Wednesday, and over at The Shops at Columbus Circle, Porter House Bar and Grill opens its doors again tonight. As one door closes… I’m glad to say some are still opening.


We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. What are you going to do this year? Well, we are all going to be watching the Macy’s parade like the rest of Americans — on our TV. More details here…

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