Good morning and happy Thursday. We’re in for a cloudy day with temperatures in the low 50s. There’s a slight chance of rain this evening. The sun is back on Friday to warm us up for the weekend.

While it’s vital to support NYC Black-owned businesses and cultural celebrations year-round, there are plenty of ways to learn, observe, and celebrate Black History Month locally with a bevy of performances, workshops, festivals, and exhibitions popping up in Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown throughout February! Check out our guide…

Chef Nicole and Nalyse Cafe 424

The founder of former favorite Shorty’s is back on 9th Avenue with Olde City, just in time for exiled Eagles fans to have a Super Bowl party. Read more…

Olde City Evan Stein

What we’ve been reading

Taking to the streets with a New York rat exterminator. (PIX11)

The MTA paid twice as much on consultants as for construction on the Second Avenue extension. (New York Post)

The hunt is on for defaced and covered license plates in New York. (Streetsblog)

At least 815 homeless New Yorkers died in public spaces, shelters and hospitals in 2022. (Gothamist)

The Bee’s Knees — a Prohibition Era favorite is back on bar menus. (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

Beaupierre France

We’ve been following the travels of Yannick Benjamin from Beaupierre Wine & Spirits through France for the last couple of weeks on their Instagram account. We cannot wait until the fruits of Yannick’s research land at their store on 10th Avenue.

Beaupierre has just become one of W42ST’s Local Business Partners — joining more than 30 local businesses whose adverts you will see in our newsletters, on our website and our social media. Please support them… and if you are a local business that would like to join W42ST in celebrating Hell’s Kitchen — hit reply!

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