Good morning and welcome to this muggy Monday. There is the chance of showers all day, along with a thunderstorm tonight. Keep your umbrella to hand!

Early on Saturday evening, Gossip Bar staff received an anonymous call giving the location of the Yankee Bear snatched on 9th Avenue in the early hours of Thursday morning. The woman caller stressed: “I didn’t take it though!” Details here…

The first post-COVID departure from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal landed in Bermuda with six passengers onboard testing positive for COVID. A total of twenty-two guests ended up quarantining rather than vacationing on the island. Details here…


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What we’ve been reading

The fight for NYC congestion charge exemptions continues. (Streetsblog)

A New York couple swap their lavish wedding for four honeymoons. (Newsweek)

Take note! There are only three more chances to enjoy the Bryant Park piano this season. (Bryant Park)

The MTA’s new OMNY card looks pretty cool. (Curbed)

Walking in the rain in New York City — watch and listen with headphones. (8K Traveler)

Freeze Frame

Street photo artist JR has spent the past two decades traveling the world creating monumental scale murals made up of portraits of local people. On Sunday morning his mobile photo booth arrived at Port Authority to capture locals for his Inside Out: NY Together project. From arrival to huge print takes less than 5 minutes, they’re there until Friday. Details here…

Happy birthday to Karen Larson.