Happy Monday. In the UK it’s a holiday — May Day — and around the world, today is World Press Freedom Day.

In New York, there are two significant pandemic milestones today. The Governor says we can sit at a bar again and Mayor Bill De Blasio is sending 80,000 New York City workers back to the office (not without controversy).

We’re taking a three-question survey about how you are feeling about returning to “normalcy”. We ask about sitting at bars, returning to work — and your attitude towards not wearing masks outdoors. Gregg messaged us, saying: “How comfortable are vaccinated people with being outdoors unmasked, as the new CDC guidance allows? I was expecting to see more people shedding their masks outdoors, but most people aren’t, and I’m curious why.”

He may have only recently arrived in Hell’s Kitchen, but Michael William G has really taken the neighborhood to his heart. And pandemic living has inspired a pivot that’s led to him creating his own luxury candle brand. This is Michael’s West Side Story.

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

We love this freeze frame from Ikebana Artist, Eugenia Gonzalez Ferreiro in Chile. Eugenia sent us this picture saying: “I finally got to frame them! These are most of the W42ST covers that I saved from our time on 42nd Street. Fantastic memories. My husband’s job brought us to Santiago de Chile for now! I miss New York.”