Good morning and welcome to Tuesday. In the early hours of the morning, the city got to work on resurfacing 11th Avenue. Cyclists will hopefully be in for a smoother ride this week — and inching towards the Lincoln Tunnel on a Friday afternoon will be a slow glide.

For more than three decades, Myzel’s Chocolate has served Midtown with a wide array of sweet treats and its old-world charm. Now, owner Kamila Myzel, is facing a debt crisis after struggling to keep her doors open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. More here…

It’s only for friends that you’d turn out on a Monday afternoon to drink cocktails, eat a three-course brunch and watch burlesque! Thanks to the folks at Dolly Varden and Holly-Anne Devlin for the invitation. It was a great preview of what is to come in the space — and we brought along a train enthusiast who geeked out on DV’s railway carriage theme.


What we’ve been reading

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With over 70,000 NY healthcare workers unvaccinated, Governor Hochul considers calling in the National Guard. (Reuters)

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The era of New York air travel before Idlewild — that’s what JFK was called when it opened in 1948. (Ephemeral New York)

Freeze Frame

W42ST readers sent pictures and videos last night of a new light display on the top of the Midtown West building next to Hudson Yards. The clip above is from Travis Long, thank you. What do you think?