Good morning and happy Monday. It’s going to be a pretty nice week. Plenty of sunshine, often accompanied by a little cloud and temperatures in the high-50s and low-60s. The rain will stay away until Friday.

Less than a year after its revival, Hell’s Kitchen’s beloved Astro’s Dog Run faces closure as a result of the Port Authority’s wide-ranging expansion plans. Read more…

Astro's Dog Run

Kevin Del Aguila is a man of many talents. A longtime Hell’s Kitchen resident, Kevin currently stars in Broadway’s Some Like it Hot — while down the block, his show Dog Man: The Musical plays at New World Stages. Read Kevin’s West Side Story…

Kevin smiling

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Freeze Frame

Old Tree Pamela Rosenkranz High Line

As storm clouds gathered on Saturday afternoon, we spotted Old Tree by Swiss artist Pamela Rosenkranz taking root on the High Line. The 25ft-tall, red and pink tree can be seen from the end of April until September 2024 on the suspended park bridge at 10th Avenue and W30th Street.

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