Happy Wednesday. The high temperature today will be more than 15 degrees above the seasonal norm… so we hope you can get outside and enjoy the warm weather.

However, along with the approaching Spring Equinox and the glorious sights of sidewalk planter tulips comes a complication — seasonal allergies. Add to that the new joy of wondering whether you have seasonal allergies or COVID-19 and you have a recipe for a very, er, eventful allergy season. Read more…

Rats have always been a part of city life, but lately it seems they are taking over Hell’s Kitchen. 311 data for January and February shows that rat sightings have doubled at the start of this year from the same period in 2021. So what’s with all the rats?

What we’ve been reading

There were bidding wars for 20% of New York leases in February. (Brick Underground)

Broadway singing coach dies from head injuries after sidewalk assault. (Gothamist)

New York State Senators want Hochul to check the math on Penn redevelopment before moving forward. (New York Post)

The argument against to-go drinks is not about what New York’s consumers want… (Grub Street)

Farewell Mr Entenmann — but your cookies, cakes and pies will live on! (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

Thanks to Chris Coffey for capturing this slither of New York. We’ve always loved this view from the corner of W42nd Street and 11th Avenue. “Hell’s Kitchen colors at magic hour,” he said on Instagram.