Good morning and happy Tuesday. The early morning “fog” you see shrouding the city is from the wildfires up in Canada. New York State has issued an air quality alert. If it looks this bad in NYC, imagine what it’s like for those poor folks up north! There’s a chance of rain in the next hour — and then we heat up to 80 degrees.

New York has slowly become an online shopping town, and 9th Avenue’s never-ending congestion is often a direct reflection of the e-commerce boom’s messier sidewalk side effects. But as another Prime Day delivery dash approaches, a new Department of Transportation pilot program aims to make the shipping process smoother, safer and more environmentally sustainable through the implementation of a series of “last mile” parcel microhubs. Read more…

Delivery Workers on 9th Avenue

Rich Braaten is an executive coach and Hell’s Kitchen local, whose journey from Buffalo to the Big Apple encompasses a love for Broadway, his tight-knit neighborhood, his daughters, his husband and shorkie Dior. Read Rich’s West Side Story…

Rich Braaten and Scott

What we’ve been reading

The mob is making a move on New York’s construction sites. (THE CITY)

The MTA will start to try out protective platform doors on the subway soon. (Gothamist)

NYPD traffic cop claims bosses retaliated against him for writing tickets for people holding “courtesy cards”. (The Guardian)

Parents advocating for their disabled child allege NYC school used Child Protection Services to intimidate them. (The 74 Million)

All aboard for a 12-hour Amtrak train ride to Montreal from NYC. (Business Insider)

Freeze Frame

Hoboken and NYC air quality Gary Hershorn

Confirmation from over in Hoboken, in this photo by our friend Gary Hershorn, of how bad it looks over Manhattan this morning. “Maybe the worst air quality New York City has seen in a long time,” Gary said on Twitter.

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