Good morning and happy Wednesday. Thanks to Gary Hershorn, who has been our “eyes on the skies” for the past few days as Canadian wildfire smoke has shrouded the city. He’s a Canuck — and shared this useful (but scary) link that gives an overview of what’s happening up north, and the forecast for when the NYC skies will be darkening again.

We were out with our camera last night as the skies darkened early and the air quality dropped around Hell’s Kitchen. We also spoke to a few business owners about their experiences. The picture below is from reader Berny Mit. Read more…

Smoke Skies Hell's Kitchen


If you’ve been looking to celebrate Citi Bike’s 10th anniversary in Hell’s Kitchen, you may have instead encountered nothing but empty bike racks (and broken cycles with annoying red lights). Now, West Side lawmakers are calling on Citi Bike operator Lyft to change all that. Read more…

Empty City Bike Docks and Broken Bikes

What we’ve been reading

* Stories that might be behind a paywall are marked with a 💰

MSG atop of Penn Station is not compatible, according to a new MTA report. (West Side Spirit)

This New York deli is masquerading as 27 different restaurants on delivery apps. (New York Post)

The Alice Austen House on Staten Island is celebrating the complicated and diverse sexuality of plants. (New York Times💰)

The tangled, weeded web of the Sheriff and the smoke stores. (Intelligencer💰)

Do you still clip newspapers and mail them to friends? (WSJ)

Freeze Frame

Lincoln Center

We headed up to the Lincoln Center for dinner last night with friends. We were discussing a report in the NY Post that Tuesday has become the new Friday. What do you think? Have your “getting together with friends” habits changed? Hit reply or email — we might write a story on the trend next week.

Happy birthday to Chris LeBron and Matthew Tallarico.