Happy Monday. Be careful out there today — it’s looking stormy!

There’s nothing quite as strange as the Facebook algorithm. Over the weekend, I looked at W42ST’s FB stats and in November we reached well over a million people. Further investigation found that our repost of @justine_nyc‘s picture of the rather sad looking “Charlie Brown” Rockefeller Center Christmas tree had gone viral. It’s currently been viewed by 1,591,479 people.

We’re pleased to report the tree has now been spruced up and will be ready to take a bow (or bough) on Wednesday. Read all about it — you will need tickets!

The last time our posts reached over a million on Facebook was in May with our story “The rent crisis that could force a New York City exodus”. Cindy Sibilsky featured in that tale and writes for us today about the challenges that theater faces as it comes back. The Great White Way is gone with the pandemic, and there is a refreshing drive to diversity. Read her story here…

I’ve been struggling to get an exercise regime that works for me since March. A little cycling, a little tennis, a little walking — but not enough. The work routine has been fragmented too (especially since our co-working space, The Artist Co-op closed).

The Artist Co-op have been running a virtual workspace (the TAC Table), and when I’ve joined I’ve got much more work done. It’s run in sprints of 45 minutes with a quick break in between. Rachel Berger (TAC’s leader) has come up with a great way to stretch and get the body and mind working in between desk time. It’s called the “Chicken Fat Song”. Developed for JFK in 1962 to get the youngsters of the nation moving. It might just be the thing for me! Give it a try and tell me what you think…

What we’ve been reading

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Andrew Lloyd Webber is feeling upbeat about the future of Broadway. (Broadway World)


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